Behind the Scenes

The birthing of my furniture line. I listened to the voice within.

People often ask me “What inspired you to create your own furniture and lighting line?”  What a great question.  No one asked me to do this.  There was no one standing over me telling me what they wanted and what it looked like.  I had come so far in building […]

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How does the inner, ever-changing you show up in the look of your home?  As you evolve and your inner terrain changes, are any of those little triumphs reflected in your living space? We are complex creatures, morphing and changing, sometimes at warp speed.  The personal progress we try to make in life can provide excellent opportunities to imbue our living and work spaces with evidence of our inner […]

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Agh!!  Which piece is it in your house that is stuck!?  You know the “one” if you really think about it. It’s glued to your floor in guilt and memories and you are convinced you can’t ever let it go in your lifetime.  It doesn’t really go with anything you […]

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“The greatest opportunity for each of us in our lifetime is to fashion our physical space through a thoughtful process of consciousness, awareness, and design. My goal is to create an artistic expression– the emotion of the environment– that reflects the intention of my client for the life they are consciously creating.”

Giana Allen is a pioneer in the field of psychology of design. A builder, furniture designer, decorator, world traveler, writer, and lecturer, she seamlessly blends her expertise in psychology, and design to create a unique approach to imaginative living and working spaces. After years of collaboration as the creative developer […]

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